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No Win No Fee* PPI Compensation Claims 15% (+ Vat)
I Think I've Been Miss Sold PPI? What Can I Do?
You have some choices, you can either: Prepare and submit the claim yourself and have to deal with all the paperwork yourself be prepared to complete any questionnaires and if the lender declines your claim re submit to the Financial Ombudsman (and pursue the claim yourself accordingly).
Let our ppi claims advisers prepare the claim on your behalf submit to the right lender and deal with all correspondence advising you at every step of the way. If the lender rejects your claim and after due analysis we feel this is the wrong decision we will fight your case and submit to the financial ombudsman asking them to over turn the lenders decision in your favour.

For this service we will only charge you 15% + VAT of the amount of compensation awarded for processing

Why Should I Claim With Gibson Blake Claims Management LTD?
There are several reasons you should claim with us :-

  • Dedicated Expert Staff
  • We have staff that work relentlessly to get your money back for you, they are experienced in dealing with ppi claims and have helped many people like yourself to get the compensation they
    deserve. Your claims handler will update you of all actions in relation to your claim and is available if you wish to telephone and discuss the progress at any time during office hours.
  • We have submitted thousands of claims on behalf of our clients.
  • Our claim handlers have submitted claims to all the major lenders and know exactly how to prepare a claim on your behalf
  • We Charge a fee of just 15% + Vat on all successful claims.
  • We only get our fee if we get you your compensation that’s a pretty good incentive for us to work on your behalf.
  • We are confident that this is a fair price for the work we do to facilitate your claims for you.
  • We Have Vast experience in Dealing with Banks Directly
  • Our claims handlers deal with the banks daily and are able to deal with all their questions We do take the pain and confusion out of receiving and understanding correspondence from banks.
  • We Are A Warm and Friendly Organization.
  • Very Approachable, confidential and sympathetic to your needs, we understand that the banks should have to pay every penny for miss sold ppi and this is what we deliver to you, all that we ask
    is you be contactable to our advisers so that our experts can proceed with as much information as possible.

How Much Can I Claim Back?
The amount of compensation you will receive will depend largely on the nature of the finance you have taken out with your creditors.

Most of our clients have more than one claim and every claim is different we will claim back on your behalf all of the premiums paid plus interest.

How Quickly Can I Get My Money Back?
Your first action is to complete the claim form and send back to us we start to prepare your claim immediately most institutions we deal with respond back to us within 8 to 16 weeks.

To Start A PPI Claim, Please Complete the quick form to the top of the page.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Maximize Chances Of A Successful Claim?
It does help if you have your documentation that accompanies your loan/mortgage/credit card agreements along with the account number, however, in the event that this is not to hand we would advise you to still make contact with us to we can start proceedings and advise you, you can also request the documentation for your account from the respective lender that you have/had your agreements in place with, and they should send this information to you by post.

Also, the more contactable you are, the better we can aid you in your ppi claim, we will need to confirm some information with you once you have received the information pack in the post from us, we will walk through the details needed with your in order for us to proceed with your claim and pursue this claim through to a conclusion.

Even things as simple as making sure you submit the full set of information on the “Start A Claim” form at the upper right hand side of the page, this means that we know the correct address to submit the claims pack, along with your name, phone number and email address, so we have a solid set of details from which to contact you with any updates, offers, questions or queries as ecessary.

What Happens If There Is No PPI Found?
If there is no payment protection insurance present on your policies, then it will not be possible to make a claim due to the fact that there is no ppi to make any claims for.

However, that said, sometimes people make contact with us thinking that the chances are they perhaps don’t have ppi and it is later found that they DO have ppi on their financial agreements, so it is advised to be careful about drawing conclusions on this without the help of an experienced adviser, if you suspect you have ppi on one or more of your loans/mortgages/credit card agreements, then it will cost you nothing upfront to get some feedback from our advisers as we operate on a no win no fee* scheme.

Why Only Charge 15%? + Vat, When Other Companies Charge More?
At PPIClaims4you.co.uk (Gibson Blake Claims Management LTD) we believe that if we give the customer the best possible experience, it will have a positive effect on our business also.

By charging a more conservative, lower priced fee, we find the results are customers that are generally happier to start ppi claims with us (more inclined to, than if we charged more), and many customers will appreciate that perhaps it would be possible for us to charge more, but we would rather not because we would rather feel we are adding more value for less (our philosophy).

Of course this is no criticism to companies that do choose to charge more, we would rather be as competitive as possible in our approach, and that philosophy extends to pricing as well as our high levels of service provided.